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Paul Pressler
H. Samuelson

Known as the Steam Brewery, Paul Pressler started brewing in 1874 on Pecan (6th). The actual site for the brewery may have been the site of the City of Austin Power Company. Later, Pressler's brother Frank moved his saloon over from Congress to combine with the brewery to form Pressler's Beer Garden. The business became a massive site, the garden began at about 6th and Pressler Streets and continued down to the river. It featured a dance pavilion, water fountain, croquet course, bandstand, boating house on the river, a pond where alligators were kept, a dance hall, and a rifle club called Schuetzen Verein. The Brewery closed in 1878. In 1882, H. Samuelson attempted to reopen it.

Pressler's Biergarten, from The Austin Chronicle